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Graceful Snow

Graceful Snow

This painting was created for my dad's new office. I'm proud that he is a partner of his firm now and wanted to paint him something that embodied strong work ethic and the calming presence he brings to his work. When I create a piece for a specific person and reason I try to hold my own creative thoughts at the forefront and keep their wants in the background. When a very specific construct or frame of work is asked to be created this can sometimes put a creative hault on artistic process. I always ensure to give my client's or receivers all they want in a painting but I paint how I best see colors and shapes to fit. This is how I was able to "capture a seneic view, with greens and blues but not too feminie and clouds but snow and I want it to be shinny but not too shiny and there needs to be depth but it needs to look professional" all into one painting. I let those words hold some meaning but I conceptualize a seneic view that captures complexity and simplicity and the same time.

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