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Personal Series Fall 2022

Artist Type: bright, bold
Journey: unplanned, colorful, multi-media usage
Thoughts: love, perseverance, growth, triumph
Creation: original painting series

Thermal, 2022

Thermal, 2022

Personal Series Center

analyzing physical touch through thermal heat.

Woman Deconstructed, 2022

exploring human form considering modern day feminism

Woman Deconstructed, 2022 with words love, dream
Poise, 2022 with words love, dream, crush

Poise, 2022


Blurred Clouds, 2022

Exploring intricacy in color

Blurred Clouds, 2022
Flight, 2022

Flight, 2021

Award Winning, Cancer Never Give Up Finalist

RENDER, 2021

award winning, artistonish may finalist

Render, 2021
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