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Welcome to My World :

Abstract Acrylic Artist Sara Stoffmacher

HI! I am Sara Stoffmacher, the founder and woman behind the scenes of Artistry, founded in January 2022. My experience in art has allowed me to create a business where I connect with audiences worldwide and share my passions for nature, travel, and community. I am a recent graduate of UC Berkeley and will be moving to New York City this fall to start my Master's in Social Work at Columbia University.

painting thermal, 2022
Painting Thermal, 2022

My mission is to share the unique stories behind each painting. Whether I'm painting custom commissions or orchestrating new ways to share my art with the world, art is my happy place, and I am so excited to share it with you all. I could not have my business without the support of my buyers, subscribers, and viewers. Thank you to everyone who has accompanied me on this journey.

Stay tuned here for updates and all things Artistry.

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